Aragami is the protagonist of the game by the same name. He is an vengeful undead spirit summoned by a mysterious girl named Yamiko, who asks him to free her and her empress from the captivity of the Kaiho army.


Warning: This section contains spoilers for the plot of the game, Aragami.

Previous Life:

In his original life, Aragami was known as Ryo, the first general of the Kaiho Army, a fighting force comprised mostly of Light Adepts, but with Adepts of all elements, including Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Shadow (or Darkness) and Life itself.

Ryo was leading the battle against the dark sect known as Nisshoku, led by the extraordinarily powerful Shadow Empress, considered so powerful by some that she was thought by to be a goddess.

Working with other high ranking members of the Kaiho army, Ryo used a forbidden technique in order to seal away the Shadow Empress, sacrificing his own life in the process, but also taking a piece of the Empress' soul with him.

Becoming Aragami:

One dark night, Yamiko summoned the spirit of Aragami into the mortal realm. Witnessing a strange vision, Aragami awoke in a cemetery. Yamiko appeared before him as a projection. Explaining that she and her empress had been captured, before asking him to help her and her empress.

Hunt for the talismans:


Learning the truth:





Kaiho General:



In this form, he took the appearance of a dark man with no properly visible face, except for white slit like eyes, and the lower half of head his wrapped in layers of bandages. He possessed a slightly ragged red hood pulled over his head, as well as a long cloak imbued with with an intricate pattern that flowed down his back. The patterns themselves would glow white if in darkness or fade to black in bright lights.